Secret Revealed: More Sales in 1 Step!

Picture this: You are engaging with a prospect, you talk, you listen, answer questions, have a fantastic conversation over their needs and wants, everything looks good, and you are a step away from closing that deal. What happens next? Customer gets up, says “Thank you for your time” and away they go! Does this sound familiar? What went wrong? … More Secret Revealed: More Sales in 1 Step!

SALES: Tag Teams

A #TagTeam is a term used in wrestling matches where two wrestlers team up to take on another team of wrestlers.”
The dynamics are always different, and much to the favour of the seller, when there is more than one sales person involved in the sales discussion. In sales, it is of great assistance if when dealing with a prospect you can introduce a second Sales Person into the mix. You can do this in the following two ways: (Continue reading…) … More SALES: Tag Teams

SALES Paradox: High Experience, Low Sales

One would think that with experience, the selling would come much easier, and yet in some cases we can find situations where experience isn’t proportional to actual sales. One of the sales paradoxes is that you can find experienced mature sales people who simply cannot keep up selling with the younger inexperienced sales people.
I recently had a discussion with a sales colleague, older than me who has been in the field for over 30 years. However his sales numbers simply no longer match up to the … (continue reading) … More SALES Paradox: High Experience, Low Sales


Contrary to popular belief, the term BLACK FRIDAY didn’t originate from Thanks Giving Holidays, or any sales and shopping associations. In 1869, two Wall Street Financiers Jim Fisk and Jay Gould went ahead to use their insider information and to purchase together a significant amount of US gold, hoping that they would corner Wall Street … More BLACK FRIDAY: ORIGINS

Sales People: 5 Types

Any organisation today needs a well trained team of sales professionals in order to be able to convert leads to actual sales. Leads don’produce revenue, closing deals does hence why companies struggle with hiring professional sales people to get the job done and increase the conversion rate. But having a good team of sales people, means that you have a team of individuals with different characteristics, traits, approach and closing tactics. Through my years as a sales professional and a customer, I have identified the 5 types of sales people that one can encounter withing a sales team … (read more) … More Sales People: 5 Types