Thus Far…

From the age of six I used to go with my late grandfather to work. He was a supervisor and I was joining him every morning during the summer holidays. The paradox was that back then as children, we used to take pride in working summer jobs. We were even looking forward to it, to get out there and get to work, like adults do ! Hardly seems the case today.

My first job, was to carry the water buckets and washing clothes for the people washing cars. Little later after that, I learned how to do so myself, and kept coming back every summer with my grandfather to work and make money !

To cut a long story short, as soon as I was out of high school I had to do my national service duty. I completed that by the age of 22 as a Sergeant, and off I went to University.

I studied in UK for BA Management Studies, and carried on to complete an MSc in Marketing. In the meantime I took on all sorts of trades to keep my income. From DJing, to Club Security, freelance marketing reviews, to even teaching people how to defend themselves (hand to hand combat).

After my studies I came back, and have been working as the Marketing Director for the company I used to wash cars for back in the day, and guess who my work buddy was? My grandfather !

This blog will be my collection of stories, tips and insights on how to win at sales, marketing, and self development. I welcome discussion, therefore all feedback and comments are welcomed !