From a young age, we learn that we need to do our homework. Whether that is the night before, or two days before, the important thing is not to show up in class without having done your homework. It is vital for young kids to learn early the importance of homework, as it is one of the most fundamental principles that later on manifests in their real life as adults. … More CHILDREN: THE IMPORTANCE OF HOMEWORK

COVID-19: The Way Forward

The past few months, countries and economies have been swept over by the COVID-19 virus. Whole countries on lockdown, curfew times, isolation, it is all there. Everyone looking at the news, business owners stranded waiting for the measures to ease so they can get back to work, so they can see their customers, so they can open the doors. Everybody for their own reasons, looking at the news asking “When are we going to get back to normal?” … More COVID-19: The Way Forward


Here is the scenario: You are talking with the prospect, everything going well, getting down to the final details and they hit you with the “Can I get a better price?”, or “Can I have some discount?”. If you have real life experience with sales, whether that would be B2B or B2C, this is the one question that is guaranteed to come up to the discussion. In a B2B scenario, it would look something like this “I love the service/product, but please give me your best price so I can present it further up”. So in essence, both cases are looking for discounts. The question now is “Should you?” “Should you not” and “If yes, how?” … More DISCOUNT or NOT?

Online Offices:

Let’s face it, in today’s world more people will visit your online showroom (website) than will ever walk through your doors! Make sure you are ready to make it a good experience for them, giving them the chance to be informed and able to engage with you as if they were right in front of you.
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Let’s Begin !

This page and blog have been created with at heart the exchange of information and experiences around the fields of marketing and sales. Any and all feedback is welcomed, as well as questions or further elaboration on the topics/stories that will be addressed.
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