Become an Expert!

Being perceived as an expert in your field is the biggest step you can take in building likeliness and trust with whomever it is you are having a discussion, whether that would be a stranger or a potential customer. In business, being an expert instantly elevates you in the eyes of potential customers and increases significantly your chances of closing a deal with them. People prefer to do business with experts in their respective fields. … More Become an Expert!

Talk Money FIRST!

A great way in effectively setting boundaries for discussions and also as a means of quick disqualification of potential customers, is by talking money upfront. This is something that goes against many of the traditional selling systems, where you discuss pricing at the end. It is to my firm believe, and through my years of being a top performer in my industry, that getting the money talk out of the way leaves a crystal clear, wide open highway for any experienced sales person to simply drive the customer down the closing or purchasing avenue. … More Talk Money FIRST!

Stop Selling, Start Closing!

“Selling” refers to one’s ability to accurately describe a product’s or service’s features and benefits in such a way in order to persuade (convince) a potential customer on why they should proceed to buy. The reason “selling” no longer works, is because customers are wary of sales people, sales tactics, and once they suspect you are trying to sell them, their automatic response is to flee. Remember that “Everybody loves to buy, but nobody likes to be sold”. … More Stop Selling, Start Closing!

Secret Revealed: More Sales in 1 Step!

Picture this: You are engaging with a prospect, you talk, you listen, answer questions, have a fantastic conversation over their needs and wants, everything looks good, and you are a step away from closing that deal. What happens next? Customer gets up, says “Thank you for your time” and away they go! Does this sound familiar? What went wrong? … More Secret Revealed: More Sales in 1 Step!

"How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?"

Have you ever had a discussion with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, where they say one thing but can mean a whole lot of different things? This follows the same principles. When dealing with customers, a key attribute that top sales performers have, is their ability to read between the lines. When engaging with a potential customer it is key to be able to identify exactly what it is they are trying to say, in order to be able to address the specific issue, concern or objection. … More "How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?"

Selling ICE to Eskimos

This is a phrase most commonly used by sales people, or when describing sales people and their level of competence. The phrase can be used in the format of “He is such a good sales person, he can sell ice to Eskimos”. When I engage with older generation sales people they use this phrase to show their level of persuasion and ability to convince customers into buying anything. In 2020 this phrase has no place in the sales world. … More Selling ICE to Eskimos

Do Not Go Prepared !

Yes! I have said it and I will always stand by it. Do not go into your next meeting, interview or sales discussion prepared. I appreciate that this may go against everything you have been told so far, but allow me to elaborate.
I didn’t say go “Unprepared”. Heading into any type of a discussion, transaction, conversation, interview or sales encounter being unprepared, that’s pretty much you setting up yourself for failure. Being unprepared means (…read more) … More Do Not Go Prepared !