“When verbally expressed, a thought becomes an opinion” (The Marketing Sales Blog, 2020)

Very often you have to give a presentation to potential customers of your product or services, and why they should choose you for doing business, whether that would be over the phone or face to face. You put your best self forward, say all the right things, pricing, package, etc, and yet somehow you don’t get the deal, because they said that you are too expensive.

When people express an opinion, they are then looking for ways to justify their opinion. Take what we just mentioned for instance, if someone voices out that your services/products are too expensive, then they will look around to seek confirmation of that claim. Not only that, bear in mind that opinions are very difficult to turn around and will take a tremendous amount of time and effort in trying to make someone change their mind.

If you, as a sales person, keep going on and on about how your product is the best, best priced, best quality, most trusted, etc… it matters very little to the potential customer. What will really make a difference is if you can get them to say these things for you!  As mentioned above, once the customer expresses this, then in their mind they will also be looking for ways to confirm and justify that claim. You need to do no further work! It will reduce objections, give you some giant leaps in getting closer at closing the deal.

So how do we get there? How can we make a customer utter the words we want to hear. How can we guide them in expressing out that we are the best fit for them? The way to do it is as follows:

Ask them questions to challenge them, but more importantly that will get them to say “Yes, that’s right” or “Yes, I see that”, or literally ask them “Why are you here?” “Why are you talking with us?” Give them the floor to say everything good they heard about you, and why they chose to come and see you in the first place, or why they thought of giving you an opportunity in helping them finding a solution to their problem.

Remember, you could be talking for hours and saying all the right things with little to no effect. It only matters when the customer says it, so get them to say it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have found it helpful and useful. All comments and feedback is welcomed, so leave yours below.

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