Don’t Take “NO” For An Answer:

The notion behind this saying, especially in sales, is because as a professional sales person one must be able to read between lines. In sales, and only in sales, a “No” doesn’t necessarily mean “No”. It can hide behind it an almost “Yes” but something isn’t quite right. Anyone who has in their mindset that they won’t take a “No” for an answer, will do whatever it takes to get to the “Yes” and in business, a “Yes” means money!

Always remember that in business and sales, if you can’t see beneath the surface and dig in to extract the rationale behind people’s decision making process, concerns, wants, needs, desires, you are bound to loose money. Nobody keeps the yes on the surface. The most precious treasures are hidden in the depths of the oceans, and the diamonds can be found only if you dig deep enough into the earth.

How to get around the “NO”? Elevate your questioning game to be able to dig deeper with every single calculated and targeted question. Asking about the weather, or “how are you feeling today” is not the way to go about it. Instead you need to ask questions that are deeper in nature and will challenge the potential customer, and perhaps throw them a little off balance.

If you dig deep enough, then you will know what that “NO” really means and you can do things from there on: Either work around it, tie it down and solve the problem behind the “NO”, or in the case where you can’t move forward, simply learn from the experience. Even if the deal is lost, you can always ask for some feedback in order to see what have we missed in our presentation. Remember that “NO” is not necessarily a rejection, but merely an alarm that you missed something in your presentation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have found it useful and helpful. All comments and feedback are welcomed, so feel free to leave yours below.

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