SALES: Tag Teams

#TagTeam is a term used in wrestling matches where two wrestlers team up to take on another team of wrestlers.”

The dynamics are always different, and much to the favour of the seller, when there is more than one sales person involved in the sales discussion. In sales, it is of great assistance if when dealing with a prospect you can introduce a second Sales Person into the mix. You can do this in the following two ways:

One way is the Physical Team. This means that both sales people are in the same place at the same time engaging in the same discussion. The second way is the Non Physical Team in which the sales people are connected via technology, i.e. video or telephone.

  1. When it comes to the Physical Team, one way this can work is by introducing the second sales person as “The Expert”. If the customer is engaging on a discussion reference technicalities or other aspects of the product or service that you cannot address to their full extend, it is always better to use the opportunity to introduce “The Expert” in the mix.
    Another way for the Physical Team to work, is by signal the second sales person in. This would be the case when the negotiation is under way, and the sales person cannot overcome certain objections, usually to do with pricing. You can signal another sales person in, with different characteristics than yours, to balance out the equation. Think of it as the good cop/bad cop scenario. This is the most practised sales-negotiations technique, yet so underutilised today!
  2. The second way to team up is without the physical presence of the other person. For example, assuming that you are sitting at the negotiation table and you are battling it back and forth with the potential prospect. When this situation drags on we tend to get narrow visioned and out of fresh ideas. Get up and walk out for a bit, and make that phone call. Call a colleague of yours, and let them shed some light into the situation. Them being out of it, means they can really see out of the box and provide objective perspective on how it would be the best way to move forward. Take two minutes, gather your thoughts and focus, and get back in there!

Of course there is multiple ways to team up to take on a potential customers, i.e. negotiation over the phone, skype calls, video conferencing and more. Choose a member of your team who has opposing as well as complimentary skills to yours, and have them as your tag team partner for the different scenarios that can play out with difficult prospect clients.

A major detail that cannot be left out, is that for this to work, the company needs to promote this type of collaboration. Often sales people are at odds with each other due to the nature of the competition. Sales people get rewarded on individual performance. The company needs to also offer a team bonus if targets are met, in order to promote collaboration. If the company only promotes individual rewards then it is highly unlikely that the staff will be willing to help each other in closing a deal. It all comes down to the company’s core ethics, structure and values!

I hope you have found this topic interesting and useful. What do you think about it? All feedback and comments are welcomed

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