The First 100 FB Likes:

I have just over a week ago launched a new Facebook page, as an extension to this blog, and it has today reached 100 Likes. Is this a reason to celebrate? Or am I making a big deal out of nothing? Below is the “WHY” it is important to address this, and see for yourself what an impact this can have in multiple areas.

One of the main principles that must be held high for both professional and personal success, is that each milestone must be celebrated. Whether that milestone is something spectacular, or something minor, these are the little victories in life that help an individual or company move forward. It might not even be moving forward, but also to keep hanging on.

As said, you can reach any destination, as long as you do it “One step at a time” and it is always that first step which is the most important one. Some people have ideas, dreams, and hopes, but they never dare to take the first step. A dream will remain a dream, until you take that first step. Then a dream becomes a GOAL, and when you have a goal, it is a matter of time before reaching it !

For better or for worse, life is hard and difficult, and anybody who tells you otherwise haven’t lived. It comes with its ups and downs, the many losses and the few wins. This is why it is important for every little victory, every little step to be celebrated. And celebrate it with others. Celebrate their first steps too. People require so little motivation some times to pick themselves up and keep going.

This is my first step, and your support means the world. Step by step, let’s see how far we can get together. My goal is to be able to inform, and educate through my experiences in the fields of Marketing and Sales. It was a dream of mine, now it is my goal. What is yours? What’s your first step? Let’s celebrate your first milestone together!

I hope you found this topic interesting and useful. What do you think? All feedback and comments are welcomed

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