Sales People, Bad People!

Being in sales myself, I have had my fair share of being called “con-artist”, “cowboy”, and “bad person”. Needless to address all the adjectives fellow colleagues in other industries have been exposed to, the list is endless. Main accusation and notion around sales people is that they will go at any lengths to achieve that one sale, including lying, and making false promises. But are really sales people, bad people?

Sales professionals are far from it! They understand the concept of value beyond price, and will work with the customer in coming up with solutions that will fit their budget and satisfy their needs. Professionals in the field hold high the idea of win win scenarios. This means that the final deal should allow the customer to walk away as a winner, but at the same time not compromise the interests of the organisation. A customer who feels like a winner, will more likely be a repetitive customer, or will help repetitive sales.

Unfortunately, more often than anticipated, we as sales people find ourselves dealing with bad customers, people who think they are above everyone because the money is temporarily in their hands. In doing so, with arrogance, they will ignore any consultation or discussion on products or services, and in a lot of cases be rude,impolite, loud and demanding. Yet they will be the first to complaint the moment they feel that the product/service didn’t satisfy their needs or wasn’t as expected, and of course it’s the bad sales person’s fault.

Let’s get this clear! No sales person is responsible for the decisions you take, or the purchases you make. Life evolves around voluntary transactions between sellers and buyers, and at some stage, at some point in your life you were the seller of something. Whether it was selling a good/service or even yourself, i.e. through your CV, you have been the sales person at many cases.

Of course, at the end of the day I will be the first to say that sales people are not bad people, and that’s because I’m a sales man. But so are you! Does that make you a bad person?

I hope you have found this topic interesting and useful. What do you think about it? All feedback and comments are welcomed.

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