Delivering BAD NEWS

The ability to communicate effectively and in such a way that the other person gets on board with you, is the difference maker between successful people and those who believe that they are just unlucky. Communicating with a customer happens at multiple levels of the marketing and sales process, and includes both delivering good and bad news. … More Delivering BAD NEWS


When people express an opinion, they are then looking for ways to justify their opinion. Take what we just mentioned for instance, if someone voices out that you are services/products are too expensive, then they will look around to seek confirmation of that claim. Not only that, bear in mind that opinions are very difficult to turn around and will take a tremendous amount of time and effort in trying to make someone change their mind. … More GET THEM TO SAY IT

FRIDAY 13th What really happened?

Since we were young, we used to hear our parents say “Oh, its Friday the 13th today”, without us really understanding what that means. In essence, Friday the 13th is supposed to be an ominous day, a bad day, a day of darkness. But if you ask around, very few people will actually know to tell you why exactly this is the case, and the ones that have an idea, their stories vary as to the origins of this superstitious day. … More FRIDAY 13th What really happened?


I am often asked: “Marios, If there is one technique you mostly use to effectively close deals, which one is it?”, so here is my answer. There is one technique that I use, which has enabled me to close deals faster and better, and ensure that I set the appropriate parameters in every sales conversation I do. I am mostly using reverse psychology in order to set boundaries, clarify expectations, and make the discussion and qualification process a two way road. … More Advanced Sales:REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY


Here is the scenario: You are talking with the prospect, everything going well, getting down to the final details and they hit you with the “Can I get a better price?”, or “Can I have some discount?”. If you have real life experience with sales, whether that would be B2B or B2C, this is the one question that is guaranteed to come up to the discussion. In a B2B scenario, it would look something like this “I love the service/product, but please give me your best price so I can present it further up”. So in essence, both cases are looking for discounts. The question now is “Should you?” “Should you not” and “If yes, how?” … More DISCOUNT or NOT?

Don’t Take “NO” For An Answer:

The notion behind this saying, especially in sales, is because as a professional sales person one must be able to read between lines. In sales, and only in sales, a “No” doesn’t necessarily mean “No”. It can hide behind it an almost “Yes” but something isn’t quite right. Anyone who has in their mindset that they won’t take a “No” for an answer, will do whatever it takes to get to the “Yes” and in business, a “Yes” means money! … More Don’t Take “NO” For An Answer:

Become an Expert!

Being perceived as an expert in your field is the biggest step you can take in building likeliness and trust with whomever it is you are having a discussion, whether that would be a stranger or a potential customer. In business, being an expert instantly elevates you in the eyes of potential customers and increases significantly your chances of closing a deal with them. People prefer to do business with experts in their respective fields. … More Become an Expert!